Design, production and application of special measuring equipment

specialist - Ing. Ladislav Korec, CSc


Services in this region are realized either by supplying the instruments with specified parameters or by measurement of required quantities in operational conditions, including the processing of measured data


1.       Transducers of mechanical quantities according to customer requirements

·         accelerometers (available are microchip transducers with the ranges ±50m/s2 and ±500m/s2, strain gauge accelerometers designed according to concrete requirements)

·         very sesnsitive pressure transducers (sensitivity from 0,1 Pa)

·         measurement of dynamic excursions (displacements) by capacitance method (frequency range 0 to 20 kHz), method is suitable for difficult operational conditions; measuring electrodes are mechanically resistant and very cheap

·         optical transducers of speed and reference phase.

2.       Diagnostic devices for evaluation of machine working state

·         vibrodiagnostic devices evaluating vibration in accordance with standard ISO 10816, apart from velocity rms value also the rms values of displacement or acceleration may be evaluated

·         balancing apparatuses and analyzers evaluating the amplitude and phase of chosen frequency components of the signal

·         diagnostics of mechanical stress of machine parts by special extensometers.

3.       Measurement of degrading processes in structure materials even at high temperatures(600 degrees C and even more) using potencial method

·         tracing of the crack growth (eg. during material fatigue test, even in presence of radiation)

·         measurement of plastic deformation (creep) during material tests at operating conditions

·         measurement of structure wall thickness (eg. longterm tracing of of high-temperature piping thickness at operating conditions)


Two channel apparatus for crack grow measurement

4.       Facilities and complements for strain gauge measurements

·         amplifiers for dynamic strain gauge measurements

·         peak detektors etc.

·         temperature compensation and linearization of transducers with semiconductor strain gauges

·         portable capacitor micro-spot welder of stainless steel sheets up to 0,3 mm in thickness with the output up to 50 Ws.