Special tasks on customer orders

1.   Assessment of technical modifications and calculations of  hydro-generator set at re-pumping power plant Dlouhé Stráně

The reasons of the breakdown of hydro-generator set were reviewed; the check calculation and assessment of modifications made at Škoda ES Plzeň were carried out. The check calculations of bearings and the rotor dynamic analysis were made in TECHLAB.

     Customer: ČEZ VE                      Tech. reports VAMET-TECHLAB No. 074-S145-94, 101-S145-95

2. Development of technology for balancing rotors for speeds up to 400.000 rpm.

    Complete technology of the first bending mode balancing of expansion turbine rotors was devised. The technology includes the apparatus for determining unbalance phase, the appliance for spinning the rotor to speeds more than 350.000 rpm and balancing computer program. The balancing techniques were further developed and applied to other types of rotors.

     Customer: PBS V. Bíteš                           Tech. reports TECHLAB No. 97-2403, 98-405, 01-409, 07-401

3. Vibro-isolation of a crystallization furnace at the Space Laboratory ISS

      The aerostatic support with viscous damping was devised to insulate the crystallization furnace from vibrations with accelerations of the order of 10-3 g. Function of the appliance was tested in conditions of the Earth gravitation (in English).

      Customer: BBT Material Processing    Tech. reports TECHLAB No. 98-401, 402, 01-401, 402, 02-408, 414

4. Dynamics of the rotor in aerodynamic foil bearings.

      Theoretical solution of aerodynamic journal and thrust bearings was devised, test bearings were designed and their properties experimentally verified. Quite a new type of aerodynamic journal bearing, combining advantages both foil and tilting-pad journal bearings, was developed and successfully tested.

      Customer: Grant Agency of CR             Tech. reports No. 99-3401, 00-3401, 01-3401

5. Design of aerodynamic support of argon circulators for research centre CERN

      Aerodynamic support of two circulating blowers with output of 2,5 and 6,3 kW and operating speed above 60.000 rpm was designed and tested. The machines ensure circulation of argon in a circuit for detection of particles for LHC in research centre CERN

      Customer: ATEKO H. Králové                          Tech. report TECHLAB No. 00-402, 05-407, 09-403

6. Design of bearing support and dynamic analysis of steam turbine rotors

      For turbines with higher operating speed (from 7.000 to 14.000 rpm) suitable types of journal bearings were chosen and dynamic analysis of the rotor was carried out.

      Customer: EKOL Brno  Tech. reports TECHLAB No. 02-402, 403, 405, 409, 422, 04-407, 05-401, 408, 413, 06-401, 404, 405, 412, 07-402, 410-12, 414, 416, 418, 08-401, 413, 09-401, 408, 409, 416, 10-402, 408, 409, 410, 412, 415, 418, 419, 11-411, 412, 414, 415, 416, 12-404, 405, 406

 7. Dynamic analysis of high-speed expansion and steam turbine rotors

      Dynamic analysis of turbine rotors with impellers mounted on the high-speed gearbox pinion was carried out. The analysis of results enabled to specify reasons of increased vibrations as instability due to labyrinth seal influence and to optimise design of new machines from the standpoint of rotor dynamic..

       Customer: PBS V. Bíteš                         Tech. reports TECHLAB No. 01-411, 02-404, 406, 420, 11-410

8. Development of aerodynamic bearings for high speed rotation blowers

      Aerodynamic bearing support for blowers with the output of 3, 5 and 9 kW and speeds as high as 110.000 rpm was designed. The machines with the output of 3 and 9 kW were successfully tested.

      Customer: ATEKO H. Králové                          Tech. reports TECHLAB No. 01-407, 02-416, 03-407, 05-407, 09-411, 10-407, 12-410

9.  Measurement of axial load and vibration in energetic units SAFÍR, NETZ, TURBOJET and TGU100

       In very troublesome conditions due to crowded space and high temperature the thrust force acting on rolling bearings was measured at different operational parameters.

       Customer: PBS V. Bíteš            Tech. report TECHLAB No. 02-1401, 04-1401, 06-1401, 07-1401, 08-405

10. Measurement of dynamic loading of high pressure steam pipe-line of 1000 MW turbine in nuclear power plant Temelín

       Strain-gauge measurements of dynamic stresses in HP pipeline of the 1st and 2nd block of nuclear power plant Temelín were carried out and their results were analyzed.

       Customer: Škoda Praha              Tech. reports TECHLAB No. 02-401, 03-103

11. Vibration measurement and rotor dynamic analysis PBS Turbo turbochargers

        Rotor dynamic calculation of several designed turbochargers was carried out. In several types of TBCH were measured relative vibrations of the rotor and floating rings. The results of measurement were confronted with rotor dynamic analysis.

       Customer: PBS Turbo V. Bíteš      Tech. reports TECHLAB No. 03-402, 403, 04-409, 05-402, 412, 06-402, 413, 414, 416, 07-403, 406, 408, 413, 415, 08-403, 408, 414, 09-406, 410, 10-405, 416, 11-405, 417, 12-407, 409, 411, 13-404, 406, 412  (Czech and English version)

12.  Methodology of balancing and vibration monitoring of small turbochargers, delivery of the stands for in-situ balancing.

       Methodology of in-situ balancing of small turbochargers with speeds up to 180.000 rpm was devised. Based on the tested methodology, two semi-automatic facilities, enabling vibration control and in-situ balancing of completed turbochargers, were designed and delivered in collaboration with DIOSS Nýřany

       Customer: ČZ Strakonice                       Tech. report TECHLAB No. 03-401, 04-402, 06-408

13.  Development of aerodynamic support for rotating machines of higher output

       Aerodynamic support for the electrically driven blower with the output of 100 kW and operating speed of 18,000 rpm was designed. Rotor with mass of 50 kg is supported in tilting-pad journal bearings 120 mm in diameter, the axial load is taken up by aerodynamic spiral groove thrust bearing.

       Customer: Czech academy of sciences  Tech. reports TECHLAB No. 03-405, 04-405, 410, 05-404, 410

14.  Supervisory diagnostic measurement of high-pressure pipeline critical welds by potential drop method

Checking of critical welds on high-pressure pipelines, on which the danger of crack initiation exists, is carried out in regular intervals by potential drop method.

Customer: ČEZ – EOP, EMĚ, ECHVA, ETU              Measuring protocols

15.  Measurement of hydro-generator torque and vertical tension force at water power plant Orlík

       Strain-gauge installation and measurement of torque and tension force on rotating shaft of TG2 of water power plant Orlík was carried out

       Customer: OSC Brno                             Tech. report TECHLAB No. 04-107

16.  Software for  rotor dynamic calculation according to API 617

Computer program for rotor dynamic calculation based on API standard API 617, 7th Edition was devised and tested

Customer: ČKD NOVÉ ENERGO       software

17. Identification of reasons and suppressing the instability of high pressure rotor

Strong instability of the “oil whip” type, caused apparently by destabilizing influence of labyrinth seals, was suppressed by decreasing the static load and change of bearings. By decreasing the load, lower stiffness of bearings was achieved, so that the damping of the oil film could assert itself. Further increase of damping was achieved by special design of tilting pad bearings with relatively big clearance and small preload.

Customer: Škoda Power Plzeň               Tech. reports TECHLAB No. 05-406, 409

18. Recalculation of tilting-pad bearings, evaluation of the influence of subharmonic frequencies and flexibility of pad support

The influence of subharmonic frequencies and flexibility of pad support on stiffness and damping of tilting-pad journal bearings of power station turbo-generators Temelín, Počerady, Prunéřov and Ledvice was analysed

Customer: Škoda Power Plzeň.              Tech. reports TECHLAB No. 05-414, 06-406, 09-402, 10-411

19. Strength problems of re-pumping water power plant Dlouhé Stráně impeller

      Sources of non-synchronous vibrations and strength problems of hydro-generator impeller at re-pumping water power plant Dlouhé Stráně were investigated both theoretically and experimentally

      Customer: ČEZ VE                                 Tech. report TECHLAB. 06-106

20. Design of test stand for active control of sliding bearings with the aim of suppressing rotor instability

      Stand for testing the influence of external excitation on dynamics of rotors in sliding bearings was designed and manufactured; maximum speed 23.000 rpm, both bearing bushings can be deflected in an arbitrary direction by a pair of piezoactuators. Theoretical analysis of methods of excitation for suppression of instability was carried out. The test stand was put into operation and possibility of instability suppression by active bearing control was confirmed. Research on the influence of active control on rotor behaviour continues in new grant project in years 2012-14.

      Customer: Scientific Foundation of CR             Tech. reports TECHLAB No. 07-405, 301, 08-412, 09-415, 12-418, 13-414

21. Identification aerostatic journal bearings dynamic properties

      Superstructure of Rotor Kit Bently Nevada was designed and manufactured, enabling identification of stiffness and damping coefficients of aerostatic journal bearings through harmonic excitation in two directions. Measured results were confronted with calculation.

       Customer: Scientific Foundation of CR                        Tech. reports TECHLAB No. 06-409, 07-407, 08-411

22. Design of bearing support and dynamic analysis of TUBBOCRON unit - turbocharger with HF generator

      Suitable bearing support was designed and rotor dynamic calculation of a unit, consisting of turbocharger TCR12, high-frequency generator VÚES and elastic coupling, was carried out.

Customer: PBS ENERGO V. Bíteš                              Tech. reports TECHLAB No. 08-409, 09-405, 10-412

23. Software for calculation of static and dynamic characteristics of lemon, offset halves and tilting pad bearings

       New version of computer programs for calculation of static and dynamic (stiffness and damping) characteristics of cylindrical, lemon, offset halves and tilting pad bearings were devised. Programs can be operated in MS Windows environment and are „user friendly“.

Customer: Škoda Power Plzeň                                      Tech. reports TECHLAB No. 07-404, 09-404, 10-420

24. Design of hydrodynamic and aerodynamic variant for ORC cycle turbo-expander rotor support

      Bearing support for turbo-expander with the output of 5 kW for the firm Hennlich, alternatively in hydrodynamic and aerodynamic bearings lubricated with process media.

       Customer: Hennlich Industrietechnik Ltd.                    Tech. reports TECHLAB No. 09-414, 10-402, , 11-406, 418, 13-403


25. Design of bearing support and pneumatic drive for power gyroscope

       Bearing support of power gyroscope for speeds up to 40.000 rpm was designed, alternatively in air bearings and precision rolling bearings. Gyro drive is secured by compressed air, gyro casing is supported in aerostatic journal bearings, which ensure minimum resistance against movement. Preliminary tests showed satisfactory function of bearing support, but low efficiency of pneumatic drive.

      Customer: TU Liberec                                                    Tech. reports TECHLAB No. 09-412, 10-417, 11-413

26. Calculation and measurement of automobile turbocharger rotors dynamic characteristics

Bearing support and rotor dynamic calculation of 2 types of Škoda car turbochargers was carried out. Calculated characteristics were experimentally verified by measurement of relative and absolute vibrations, including influence of rotor unbalance.

Customer: Škoda Auto Inc.                                           Tech. report TECHLAB No. 10-414, 11-402, 12-412, 413, 416

27. Measurement of deformation growth in material creep by potential drop method

      Verification of measurement methodology was carried out on high-pressure pipeline of EPRU power plant, using potential drop method of measurement.

      Customer: ČEZ                                                               Tech. report TECHLAB No. 10-255

28. Design of aerodynamic bearing support of turbo-cooler rotor

       Aerodynamic bearings with elastically supported tilting pads were designed for turbo-cooler rotor. Aerodynamic bearings were successfully tested, even in regimes of run-up and run-down

       Customer: TA ČR           Tech. reports TECHLAB No. 12-417, 420, 13-401, 411, 413, 14-401

29. Design of aerodynamic bearing support of expansion turbine with output of 10 kW

Aerodynamic journal and thrust bearings were designed for expansion turbine with operation speed up to 187.000 rpm. Methodology of in situ balancing with correction of the 1st bending mode of the rotor was devised.

       Customer: ATEKO H. Králové              Tech. reports TECHLAB No. 13-402, 405

30. Aerodynamic bearing support of test rotor

Aerodynamic journal and thrust bearings were designed were designed and manufactured for test rotor with maximum operation speed of 200.000 rpm.

       Customer: Bosch                        Tech. reports TECHLAB No. 13-409