Plain bearings and rotor support

specialist - Ing. Jiří Šimek, CSc.


1.     Calculation of sliding bearings

·         static and dynamic characteristics of journal and thrust bearings considering changes of lubricant viscosity with temperature (THD solution)

·         static and dynamic characteristics of gas bearings

·         development of bearing performance characteristics databases connected to rotor dynamic programs

2.     Design of sliding bearings and rotor supports

·         journal and thrust bearings lubricated by oil; noncircular bearings for high speed rotors; tilting-pad journal and thrust bearings; tilting-pad bearings with oil injection for friction losses reduction; floating ring journal bearings; journal bearings with additional damping

·         journal and thrust bearings lubricated by process fluids

·         journal and thrust gas bearings; aerostatic and aerodynamic bearings of different types; tilting pad journal bearings and spiral groove thrust bearings for speeds up to 400.000 rpm

·         design of complete rotor supports, especially for high speeds and gas lubrication

·         reconstruction of obsolete sliding bearing supports

·         rolling bearing support reconstruction to sliding bearings and vice versa

3.     Operational properties of bearings and rotors

·         sliding bearing failure analysis

·         measurement and analysis of high speed rotor vibrations (rotational frequency up to 500.000 rpm)

·         in-situ balancing of high speed rotors; elimination of rotor bending due to vicinity of bending critical speed

·         damping of excessive rotor vibrations




Aerodynamic support of argon circulator rotor for research centre CERN



Super-structure of Rotor Kit for identification of aerostatic bearings dynamic properties



Test stand for active control of sliding bearings with piezoactuators