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Centrum průmyslového výzkumu Techlab Ltd.

·         Since 1994 we offer new solutions in services for engineering firms, while obliging to the maximum customer wishes. In our activities we utilize plentiful experience gained at one-time National Research Institute for Machine Design (SVÚSS) Běchovice.

·         In the scope of our activities are: dynamics of machines and their parts, especially dynamics of high-speed rotors, calculation and design of special sliding bearings and rotor supports, vibration measurement, in-situ balancing, technical diagnostics, development and production of special measuring instruments and transducers

·         Among others we solved such tasks as:

o    design of crystallization furnace vibroisolation for orbiting laboratory ISS

o    design of aerodynamic bearing support for expansion turbines, turbochargers and turbo-circulators

o    programs for the dynamic analysis of the rotor systems with sliding bearings

o    experimental analysis of stress and vibrations in diverse pipeline systems

o    production of special transducers and vibro-diagnostic units

o    design and manufacture of measuring apparatuses for long-term tracing of crack growth, corrosion decrements, and high-temperature creep

o    delivery of vibro-diagnostic system for hydro-generator of water power plant Vranov

o    development of the stand for vibration monitoring and in-situ balancing of automotive turbochargers

·         In our activities we collaborate with many inland and foreigner firms, technical universities and research institutions. As an example we can mention ČEZ, Škoda Power Plzeň, Škoda Auto, Česká rafinerská, Institute for Nuclear Research Řež, Institute of Thermomechanics of Czech Academy of Sciences or Centro Nuclear de México, Manchester Metropolitan University, Studiencentrum voor Kerneenergie Brussel. Our computer programs use among others also Dutch and Indian engineering firms.

·         We guarantee high degree of reliability of our products and delivery term of specially ordered apparatus to 3 months.

Last updated: 18/11/2015


Dynamics of machines

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